Training your dog is one of the most crucial things you can do for your animal.  Part of "loving" your dog is giving him/her everything he needs !  Meaning just giving affection does not create a happy dog.  Dogs need many things:


  • Exercise 

  • Discipline 

  • Boundaries and Limitations

  • Affection - "at the right times"


Once you give your dogs all these crucial elements, you will create a balanced energy dog - hence a happy dog !

I have been helping many dogs since 2008.  I utilize Cesar Milan's techniques and true understanding of dog behavior (different than human behavior), along with Clicker Training.  


I believe in positive reinforcement, in order to give dogs something to work for !  I do not believe in punishment.  It has negative effects, and actually does not work!  Dogs do need to be shown the correct way, so there is a difference in 'correcting' versus punishment.  Remember, dogs (unlike most people), live in the moment !  We as humans can certainly learn from this !


If you would like a training session, please contact me at LeaderofthePackNYC@gmail.com


Looking forward to helping more doggies !



DogBehaviorist & People Trainer :)