Born and raised on a little town in Long Island New York, I always had a love and curiosity for animals and the world beyond.  I was in rescue for almost 10 years and have merged my love of rescue and my creative eye with photography.

With my creativity and vision with a camera, I feel I can help a rescue animal be more adoptable.  People might look at a shelter photo or a poorly lit photo and tend to be able to detach emotionally.  If you can't see the features of the animal, clearly and close up, it can be difficult for people to really 'see' the animal.  I felt this was a niche that was really lacking in the rescue community.


I am also honored to be part of an amazing organization called HeARTs Speak !

Simply put - Artists Helping Animals.  Please check them out!


If you would like me to take photos of a rescue animal for a  or you would like to have photos done of you and your family and/or pet.  Please feel free to contact me !


I hope you will join me in my quest to give back and help rescue animals.  


Remember....Please Don't Shop, Adopt !!


This site is dedicated to my rescue dogs: Chico (RIP), Rocket (RIP), and current pups - Pinky, Hero, and Mr. Chips !


They have taught me more about myself then I could ever dream.....





Rachel Witz